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These items are accessories designed to fit or augment the DJI Phantom FC40 UAV drone quadcopter. Please contact the UAVDirect team with any questions and installation services at 1-855-778-6363.
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DJI Phantom Prop Removal Tool Phantom Prop Removal Tool

Is your DJI Phantom UAV prop too tight and won't come off?  Use this
prop removal tool to get the leverage you need.  This DJI factory tool
is designed to fit the Phantom UAV prop motors and provide desired
torque without damaging motor coatings.

Our Price: $2.00
DJI Phantom Sticker Set DJI Phantom Sticker Set

This is a replacement sticker set that will work with any of the DJI Phantom UAV drones. Set includes a total of 6 sticker sheets, 2 for blue, pink and red.

Our Price: $2.90

This DJI accessory is a CAN BUS cable for use with any DJI product that is CAN ready such as Zenmuse gimbals, iosd, ground stations and more. The DJI sku is 63601800035.

Our Price: $4.00
DJI Phantom Replacement Screw Pack DJI Phantom Replacement Screw Pack

To ensure complete integrity, this Phantom replacement screw pack is highly recommended when making any modifications and replacements. Many of the screws include threadlock for easy installation.

Our Price: $5.00
UAV Drone Hex Tool Set Hex Key Set for UAV Drones

This hex key set is a must have for any UAV drone pilot as it includes the four most common size hex bolts for UAV drones, gimbals and landing gear. Including hex (allen) keys are 3.0, 2.5, 2.0 and 1.5mm.

Our Price: $12.95
DJI Phantom Prop Guards - Kit DJI Phantom I and FC40 Prop Guards

Are you new to flying, or just aggressive via remote? Either way, this prop guard kit for the DJI Phantom quadcopter is a must have. It’s easy to install and comes complete with instructions.

If you have any questions about this or other replacement parts and accessories for the DJI Phantom UAV, please contact the UAVDirect team at 1-855-778-6363 or via email at ops@uavdirect.com

Our Price: $15.00
FPV Monitor Transmitter Mount FPV Monitor Fast Mount

This mounting bracket allows for easy installation of FPV (First Person
Video) monitors to transmitters (remote control) for UAV, drones and
quadcopters.  All hardware is included and requires minimal tools for proper installation.

Our Price: $15.00
DJI Tuned Propulsion System Props E300 Grey Props

These props are part of the DJI Tuned Propulsion System Family and offer twenty percent greater efficiency over traditional props. They will fit any of the DJI Phantom family including FC40 and Phantom 2 Vision+

Our Price: $15.00
DJI Phantom 2 Vision Smartphone Holder DJI Phantom 2 Vision Smart Phone Holder

This cell phone holder is designed for use with DJI Phantom 2 Vision and Phantom FC40 UAV drones. Installation takes less than a minute but does require a user supplied hex key. This smartphone mounting bracket can also be installed on most RC transmitters that have carrying handles with no rubber guards.

This smartphone bracket is the Phantom 2 Vision spare part number 18 and DJI sku PV645210824, 958265109

Our Price: $19.00
FPV Tablet Adapter FPV Tablet Mount Adapter

This tablet mount adapter is excellent choice for 7 to 8 inch tablets used for the DJI Phantom 2 Vision UAV drone. Along with this bracket, the UAVDirect team recommends using the FPV-MMB (transmitter monitor mount) and FPV-TSH (tablet sunhood) for a full FPV ready tablet system.

Our Price: $24.95
DJI BTU Bluetooth Data link for UAV drones BTU Bluetooth Unit

The BTU Bluetooth Unit create a wireless data link between your UAV
drone and smartphone or tablet.  This makes for an easy way to update
and change unmanned aircraft flight control settings.  It's compatible
with any unmanned aerial vehicle utilizing NAZA-M auto pilot flight
control systems with v3.16 firmware or later.  Supported devices include
iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPod touch5, iPad mini, iPad3 and iPad4.  
Communication distance of the bluetooth data link is up to 150 feet (50
meters) and power consumption is a super low 40mA at 6 volts DC.

Our Price: $49.00

This DJI accessory serves as a CAN BUS expansion module allowing you to integrate CAN BUS items such as gimbals, iOSD mini, UAV drone data links and more. This CAN BUS hub support any DJI products that is CAN ready. DJI SKU is 6958265106101.

For questions or installation services for your UAV drone, please call the UAVDirect team at 1-855-778-6363.

Our Price: $68.00
S-TUNED-PERFORMANCE-UPFITTING-FOR-PHANTOM-2 S-Tuned Upfitting, Calibration and Flight Testing

Installation of the Tuned Propulsion System motors and 9450 props for increased lift, endurance and lower sound signature. With every installation, firmware is upgraded, gains are precisely adjusted, full calibration and flight certified.

Our Price: $249.00
S-TUNED-PERFORMANCE-UPFITTING-T-MOTORS S-Tuned Upfitting, Calibration and Flight Testing

Want more
performance?  The you need the S-Tuned service, exclusively from
UAVDirect.  The S-Tuned upfitting includes installation of the T-Motor
Anti Gravity 920KV series motors and 9450 props for increased lift,
endurance and lower sound signature.

Our Price: $299.00