Winter Reminders for Drones

As winter looms and some of us are putting away our drones because it’s getting a bit cold outside, let’s remember a duo of quick tips that’ll eliminate some confusion that I occasionally receive calls about. It may be your first time flying or new Christmas present, or you’re waiting for the Spring thaw for your next flight… in any case take heed of these little reminders so that you’ll be flying in no time.

- Don’t forget, it’s a quick double-press on the power button of the battery to power-up and to power-down the aircraft. Be sure on the second press of the button to hold it down until the lights flash and the warm-up sound indicates the aircraft is initializing.

- Before every flight, do a compass calibration. It is very important to let the aircraft fully warm-up before entering calibration, so wait for the rear-arm lights to flash green before continuing. Don’t forget that you must quickly toggle the S1 switch more than five times on your remote in order to enter calibration mode. At this point, proceed to do your horizontal and vertical rotations. Now, verify that GPS connectivity is strong and you’re ready to go.

Happy Holidays, and Happy Flying!

Eric Davis
Technology Manager

Joel J.
Joel J.