Which Drone Makes the Best Christmas Present

During the holiday season, many of our callers start asking for advice on which drone makes the best Christmas present. Hands down the answer is the Phantom 2 Vision Plus.

In comparison to the Phantom 2 Vision Plus, other drones on the market including ones that we provide typically require the addition of many other accessories to make them completely functional. The Phantom 2 Vision Plus comes complete and ready for near immediate use. Just add your favorite smartphone or tablet so that you can view the live video feed.

Before you purchase though, make sure you know what version of the Phantom 2 Vision Plus you’re buying. Currently, the latest available is Version 3 and it comes with some very important updates and hardware improvements which include:

  • Improved motors and ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) that provide more thrust and flight time
  • Improved props, again increases thrust and flight time
  • Remote control with a built-in battery
  • Remote control with built-in camera tilt control

If you think there is a chance, that the person getting the gift will be wanting to fly the drone as soon as they receive it, it’s a great idea to go ahead and open the box and get the batteries charges. Also, you should point them to our video page which has a plethora of tutorial videos that help new pilots avoid trouble and enjoy flying.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to reach out to me with any comments, questions and suggestions for future blogs.

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Technology Manager
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