Homage to the Phantom 2 Vision

Once upon a time, there was a tried-and-true UAV packed full of features packed into a simple package; ready-to-fly out of the box.

We've all been treated to the amazing world of the 3-axis Phantom 2 with H3-3D gimbal... and the upgraded Phantom 2 Vision +, but there still stands good reason to take another look at the Vision +'s older sister, the original Phantom 2 Vision.

As we move forward in cinema, our parts and tools have grown to include a slew of options that (for the most part) are left-unused by the casual flyer or die-hard photographer.

Yes, yes... the GoPro H3-3D and Vision + UAS offer an unimaginable amount of tech for users looking for those functions so essential the acetate lovers that can hide away in a dimly-lit editing bay, pouring through reels of video to find the right moments, but there still is good reason to go OG.

For the avid photographer that craves the still-life, there still reigns the champion of UAV... the robust 'take a beating and smile' quadcopter that shoots in 14 megapixels a thousand feet away and doesn't complicate the situation.Your flying Ansel Adams is a tried-and-true original that has proven to the world of flyers what can be captured where you can't be. So let's raise a glass and remember the original, and irreplaceable!

Oh, and while her young hipster sister is the cinema talk-of-town, the original and tough Vision quietly saw a nice discount, ready for the taking.

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