Matrice 100

The Matrice 100

DJI's most open ended aerial platform for developers, and working professionals that need a high degree of modularity, and the option to write custom applications for each specific need.

The Matrice 100 is capable of long flight times, and 1.2 mile range.

Camera options vary from the new Zenmuse XT to the Zenmuse X3.

This aircraft is compatible with the revolutionary new DJI Guidance system that will avoid obstacles automatically, and keep your drone safe and sound.

Please call or, email us to discuss options for a custom system suited to your unique needs.


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Latest News - DJI XT Thermal Camera for Inspire 1 and Matrice

UAVDirect has been selected by DJI and FLIR to provide the new DJI XT thermal camera for Inspire 1 and Matrice 100 drones.  The DJI XT opens up a new world of opportunities for industrial inspection, plant health monitoring, search & rescue and public safety.  For more details about the DJI XT, please click here