About Us


UAV Direct is the leader in selling high performance, reliable, and easy-to-use small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) - Drones, for commercial and recreational use. We are dedicated to making aerial photography and videography accessible to professional photographers, cinematographers and hobbyists anytime, anywhere.

We are investing in the research and development of advanced unmanned aerial technologies to make them easier to use and more reliable. We are developing more practical uses from applications in the film, advertising, law enforcement, farming industries, and many more. We are fulfilling a vision for a world where flying cameras are as popular as DSLR cameras.

Support and Consultation

Everyone at UAVDirect is a trained drone pilot and are ready to assist you with both consultation before your purchase, and to lend a hand when you have questions after your purchase. Our team is comprised of experts from the filming, aviation, military and law enforcement disciplines. Their experience is available to you free of charge at 1-855-778-6363

Latest Versions

UAVDirect will only sell you the most current versions, with the only exception being close-outs of previous versions, which will be 1)Clearly marked as such at the top of respective website product page, 2)Telephone or in-store order will be clearly disclosed verbally and on the invoice at time of sale. If you receive a product that was not a most current version at the time of sale, and was not disclosed as such, your entitled to full refund upon product return, including shipping both ways. For further details, click here

Low Price Guarantee

UAVDirect will match will a published price on any identical, in-stock DJI item, so long as the price originates from an Authorized DJI Dealer and does not violate DJI's MAP policy price in force at time of purchase. For further details about the UAVDirect low price guarantee, please click here

Industry Member

The UAVDirect team is a proud member of AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Systems International) and its efforts to help shape the industry and educate the public about the tremendous benefits of unmanned aerial vehicles that will benefit everyday aspects of life. Additionally our staff includes law enforcement veterans and actively participate in ALEA (Airborne Law Enforcement Association).

Customization and Repair

UAVDirect has been recognized is an official DJI UAV drone repair facility and our experts can bring your aircraft back to factory spec. For those seeking a unique UAV to meet specialized needs for SAR, NDVI, industrial inspection and more, call our drone engineers who can deliver a tailored solution to meet your mission requirements.