Add another layer of protection to your drone investment and operational liability with the DJI DropSafe.  The DJI DropSafe is a speed reduction system, or in other words...a parachute system for your drone.  So in case of system failure, the parachute can be automatically or manually deployed to help minimize damage to the aircraft systems and-or, damage to objects on the ground.  

The DJI DropSafe is designed to work with the S900 and S1000 drone platforms using the A2 flight control.  It is possible that it will work with other flight controllers and drones.  For additional information, please give us a shout at 1-855-778-6565.  

Beyond simply selling the DropSafe, we also offer installation, testing and training services.  To get started with these services, please contact the UAVDirect team 9 to 5CST, M-F at 1-855-778-6565 or via

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