Commonly known as the DJI Ground Station System, this arrangement of technology delivers true autonomous capability to most of the DJI family of drones and custom built aircraft utilizing DJI flight controllers (autopilots). System includes a 2.4GHz digital datalink that is easily configured to DJI UAVs having a spare CANBUS port and a corresponding digital receiver that provides well over a mile worth line-of-connectivity. The Ground Station System also includes software and a Bluetooth module that allows pilots to plot waypoint mission either via an IPad or PC. Pilots find that using the IPad version to be simple and intuitive with the easy to understand Google Maps overlay. For more precise auto navigation, some pilots prefer the PC version with the Google Earth overlay as it incorporates elevation and altitude promoting earth-obstacle avoidance.

Warning - This system is for US and Canada sales only. UAVDirect will not export this system without prior USDOS clearance.

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