This retract module is designed for the DJI S1000 Premium and works on the left side of the drone. Being a DJI UAV item, the fit and finish meet factory standard for performance and interconnection with other S1000 systems. Although not recommended by the UAVDirect team, it is possible this device can be made to operate with other multirotor systems.

This item meets the DJI part number description retractable module right and holds the DJI part numbers of 17, 6 958265110306 and SE645510059

For advice and support for DJI spare parts and repairs, please contact the UAVDirect team at 1-855-778-6363.  Also, for those seeking drone repair services, please contact the Drone Doctor team by visiting  The Drone Doctor team is a DJI authorized repair center and each repair comes with complete firmware updates, full systems check, repair certification and a flight test. 

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