Worried about losing your drone to a crash, theft or even just simply misplacing it? If so, then this tracking system is a must have and will serve as very inexpensive insurance. You'll get inch accuracy with its RF based tracking technology and up to two mile line of sight range.

Installation of the tracking system couldn't be easier, just affix to the drone with double stick tape or Velcro and you're done! No wiring is needed thanks to the built-in lithium battery with a 30 day life, but all totaled only weighs 12 grams. As well, operational is simple...just press a single button and you're up-and-going!

This new drone tracking system is based upon tried and true RF tracking systems used in radio communities and law enforcement. Compared to GPS, there are zero monthly fees and it provides superb accuracy down to just a couple of inches, whereas GPS accuracy can be 30 to 10 feet.

Drone tracking system includes transmitter module with internal power, receiver unit with built-in antenna array and display, chargers and operation guide.


Type: Accessories