FlySight Black Pearl FPV Monitor and Diversity Receiver and Lithium Battery

Update: All units shipping are the new Long Range version with improved receiver sensitivity and frequency filtering

This is the latest FPV (First Person View) monitor from the crew at Flysight. Called the Black Pearl, its packed with features but has an ultra thin profile of just 0.75 inches. With the advanced design, this monitor weighs a mere 16 ounces making it perfect for piloting UAV drones and quadcopters for hours-on-end without the strain of a bulking monitor. Keeping transmitters neat and clean, this FPV monitor also icnludes a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 1.5 hours of operation. This battery is field-replaceable and can even be augmented with external 12 volt sources for indefinite operation.

The integrated 5.8GHz receiver includes a diversity function that continuously hunts for the very best video signal, giving you the ultimate in picture quality and range. Frequency spread on the diversity receiver provides users with 32 channels allow for easy interference avoidance and compatibility with a wide range of FPV transmitters from companies such as Flysight, DJI, Fatshark, Airwave, Immersion, and many more. For complete confirmation of compatibility, check the frequency table found in the technical specifications of this product or call the UAVDirect team at 1-855-778-6363.

Combining the included sun hood, anti-glare FPV screen, and a luminance rating of 300cd/m2, you'll get before first person video even in the sunniest of circumstances. Aside from receiving wireless video signals, this fpv monitor also display HD video on its 1024 x 600 display. Additionally, UAV pilots wishing to use FPV goggles will enjoy built-in video outputs and the 12VDC power out function.

The 7 inch FPV monitor includes, built-in 32 channel 5.8GHz diversity receiver, dual antennas, removable lithium battery, video input cables, video output cables, sun hood, charger, and a 90 day warranty.

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